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Company MUSCHEL - your realible guide in the world of various collections and european designers.

The company was founded in 1956 and has more than 50 years experience on Eastern European market, firmly entrenched in the business center of Europe, Frankfurt am Main.

Today MUSCHEL includes a number of italian, german and american brands, which successfully destributed throughout the territory. We have wide client base, consisting of department store, retail chains, multibrand stores, franchise monobrand and internet platform.

Also MUSCHEL is professional team. Managers of our company can help you to oriented in a variety of world-renowned brands, which offers a modern fashion industry and to select the collection that perfectly fit into your boutique. In addition, you can always consult a competent specialist on budget planning, including for each individual collection.

The fashion business in our territory is continuing to change and grow dynamically, proposing great opportunites. But we continue to develop new cities in our territory and to develop new formats of cooperations.

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